Raggle Fraggle Random Review: Chinos

Chinos (well at least I think they’re spelt that way) are trousers that seem to be in the fashion at the moment, and to be honest I’m not exactly a big fan of them. One thing I am saying in advance though is that I do own 2 pairs of chinos which is less than the amount most people have cause to them they are nerdy, and nerdy is the fashion apparently. But being nerdy because it’s cool is fucking lame, I’m a nerd but you don’t see me dress like a full on geek with the shirt tucked into chinos and the thick rimmed glasses with no goddamn lenses, in fact I avoided having braces cause I was worried about being bullied for looking like a nerd. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked, when wearing chinos you can fall into these categories:-

  • Chino wearer – Just someone who wears chinos because they go better with the top than a pair of jeans would or said pair of jeans are in the wash or something (I understand, it’s cool).
  • Chino wanker – This is something more in depth than it being someone in a pair of trousers, it’s like a whole new shitty personality. This sort of person would be loud and cocky like a chav but they think they are ‘indie kids’, but they are as unique as the next chino wanker with a Hollister shirt (which is never too far away). The worst thing about them is that criticise anyone who isn’t one of them, it’s like school except they have ‘nerdy’ clothes but they still insult you.

There could be more versions of assholes with chinos but I really cannot be arsed to waste my time with them. To any Americans reading this wondering what the hell chinos are I say this.

  • Look at the children.
  • Now look at One Direction.
  • Now back to the children.
  • It’s already too late.

On the bright side it’s not the end of the world, unless you’re a Mayan…..

Written by DC

With thanks to Urban dictionary


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