F-Zero (SNES) Review

WARNING: This review may contain excessive amounts of…

Before this meme got blasted through the internet there was a game that really did well for it’s time, this game even had sequels on the N64 and Gamecube. But this is about the game that began it all in 1990.

F-ZERO, The Race of the 26th Century!


The Graphics on F-Zero incorporated something that Nintendo called ‘Mode 7 Scrolling’, this along with scaling and positioning of 2D images simulated a 3D environment that was new at a time where games were 2D with static backgrounds. The game also involved fast paced racing that was made possible due to Mode 7 Scrolling and it showed that the Super Nintendo’s graphics could compete with it’s bitter rival, the Sega Genesis. Of course when sequels came along graphics were improved, but it would be to the standard of it’s time.

File:SNES F-Zero.png


There isn’t really a story as such, you are in a jet car competing in the Knight, Queen and King Leagues in the F-Zero Grand Prix (like Formula 1 except in the future). Only in later games would you get some form of plot and better character analysis which is non existent in this game, from there you will know about the driver of the Blue Falcon named ‘Captain Falcon’.


As mentioned before the graphics are ideal for a fast game and oh boy is this game fast, in my opinion it puts Mario Kart to shame. The courses start out as simple shapes but then move onto more complicated circuits with jumps, gaps, magnets and other hazards to make it not only hard to finish in first place, but to actually finish at all because of your vehicle’s health bar. Luckily that can be regenerated on special grids that are near the start line but apart from that you still need to have your wits about, making it both a marathon and a sprint.


The music score is not only original, it is one of the best in all the history of SNES games. In fact numerous amount of covers have been done of the Mute City theme alone. What else can I say I love it, the perfect soundtrack to….

terribly sorry about that.

Final verdict

It’s a pretty good game overall, nothing too special for a collector but unique and revolutionary when it was new. It’s not hard to say this was one of the gems of the SNES and I would recommend that this game be a part of your collection, besides it quite easy to get a hold of.



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