Brink Review

As you may know Dishonored was recently released, but I don’t exactly have cash to spend on new games. So to compromise I will review another game that Bethesda got involved in that got me really excited when it first got announced, that game was Brink.


Brink takes place in the near distant future where mankind has created an artificial island called the Ark which was made to show that live on a self sustaining, eco-friendly and modern island would be possible. Unfortunately the inconvenience of global warming came along and most of the world is underwater. Around the 2040s people from across the world came to the Ark in hope for refuge. Of course the Ark cannot handle the tens of thousands of refugees as it was originally going to be a resort for a few thousand, to combat this they decided to expand the ark by creating shanty town style accommodation from old and rusty shipping containers. Due to the cramped conditions the ‘guests’ as they are called live in poverty and disease while the founders live in the nicer parts of the Ark.

With this seemingly unfair class divide war brakes out between two factions:-

The Resistance who fight for an even share in resources against the founders who are viewed to be the oppressors who keep most of the resources to themselves. Led by brother Chen they aim also aim to make contact with the outside world for aid and salvation.

The Security on the other hand fight in order to maintain order within the Ark against the Resistance who they believe to be terrorists. Under the command of Captain Mokoena their objective is to stop the plans of Chen and his Resistance from making contact with the outside world as it would only make things worse.

Both factions are intent on destroying the other in order to have power over the Ark which brings on plenty of bloodshed and death across the Ark which isn’t ideal to have in what would’ve been a contemporary green paradise.


The goal for Splash Damage was to create a shooter that wasn’t limited by stupid boundaries that over shooters suffered with. These boundaries include tables that cannot be jumped on, barriers that can be vaulted over and ledges to high to jump up to. To counter this they incorporated a system known as SMART which stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain which allows players to traverse through obstacles with ease in the style of parkour. One of the reasons I fell in love with this game is that it reminded me of a more action based version of Mirror’s Edge which was a good game, even if it was short.

There are also other merits of the game which included:-

  • Customisation options so you can change the look of your character to your preferred taste, you can also choose your body type to either a heavy body which can access stronger firepower, a light body that can go other types can’t and a medium body that has a bit of both. Guns can be customised with attachments that improve the gun’s stats, although some attachments can hinder certain stats so it’s important to pick wisely.
  • Character classes such as the Soldier, Engineer, Medic and Operative with different perks and responsibilities on the battlefield. Some objectives require a certain class to complete, for example you need an engineer to fix the gate controls or a soldier to plant a charge on the door.
  • Objective Wheel which you can scroll through the different objectives during the match to help your team, this can include side objectives that are limited to different classes to give a team advantage. For example the operative could hack the side door so your team can flank the enemy.


The graphics are more than decent, the colours and texture of the environments blend well together to bring the feeling that you are in an eco-friendly paradise of the future with constant reminders of the conflict that is going on. The audio is actually quite impressive in that the sounds of movement vary in pace and the ground you are moving on, for the guns sounds it’s like they’ve got inspiration for battlefield with gun fire in an open space sounding different to gunfire in a closed tunnel.


All these different factors combined could’ve made this game work. But for different reasons the game dissapointed me, especially as I actually pre ordered the game before release cause I was super stoked about owning it. These reasons included the poor AI, short playtime and a slightly weak narrative. In the beginning of the game when the war breaks out I was expecting there to be an intro stage to learn the controls and to get the perspectives of both the factions before a pivotal decision gets made which decides who I join, but what did I get instead? A cutscene describing the story before the war, a choice between Save the Ark (Security) and Escape the Ark (Resistance) and a cutscene of the chosen faction. That’s it and boy was I dissapointed.

And finally there’s the multiplayer which would’ve been good if there were people to play it, but there weren’t and again I was dissapointed with added loneliness.

Final Verdict

Because of it’s flaws I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth after completing the game which didn’t take long. The DLC did help bring more playtime in but not that much. In conclusion it was a decent game but it much so much more for it to be a success. But on the bright side Splash Damage are still going and Dishonored is out, happy days! 🙂



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