Saturday anime review: Howl’s moving castle

I love Disney movies and I also love movies which are produced by Studio Ghibli and Directed by Hayao Miyazaki and when I can decide on a movie to watch from any of these categories I watch Howls Moving castle because this Anime has all three of them.

Released in 2004 Howls moving castle is the story of Sophie who is an 18 year old girl who works in hat shop which was previously run by her father before he died. Sophie is often bullied by the town locals and one day she is being harassed by some men but to her luck Howl comes to her rescue. Howl is a wizard who has a magical castle which he can travel in using his magical powers. The villain of the movie the witch of the waste is jealous of Sophie and Howls new friendship and so she turns Sophie into an old lady, Frightened and embarrassed Sophie runs away to try and find a way to reverse the effects of the witch’s curse she finds Howls moving castle. While in the castle Sophie meets a fire demon called Calcifer who the source to the castles energy, Calcifer offers to break the witch’s curse as long as Sophie helps to break the curse which has been put on him to keep him bound to the castle. Sophie agrees to help Calcifer and she tells Howl that she is the new cleaning lady which has been hired by Calcifer because he is fed up with the messy state of the castle. I won’t ruin any more of the plot but I will say that there is plenty of action, fantasy and romance in Howls moving castle.

The combination of Disney and Studio Ghibli can really be noticed in Howls moving castle, the animation is great, the film has a nice variety of colours and backgrounds, an amazing soundtrack and just to top it all off in the English dub Christian bale is the voice of howl so if you not such a big fan of anime you can always pretend its batman’s moving castle.

Good night Anime fans I know I didn’t talk much about the film in this review but if I did I might have ruined the entire plot and that’s no fun at all.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Howls moving castle this review is of my own opinion

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This review was written by Dan

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