Saturday Anime Review: The Cat Returns

Another great movie from Studio Ghibli This week I will be reviewing The Cat Returns

 ImageThe Cat Returns is a great Anime which was produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hiroyuki Morita. The movie follows the life of a young girl called Haru who is able to talk to cats, One day she saves the life of a cat who was about to be hit by a truck the cat turned out to be a prince called Lune he is the prince of the cat kingdom. As a way of thanking Haru the Prince sends her gifts of both mice and cat nip and is then asked if she will take the Princes hand in Marriage they take her mixed reply as a yes. Haru does not want to marry a cat and gets very upset, she then hears the voice of a female telling her to go and find the cat bureau. I won’t say much more as the story line is very simple and I worry that I may ruin the story line for you, I will say this though The Cat Returns is a must see and can be truly loved by all the family I find the movie to unisex meaning that it can be enjoyed by both the male and female audience.


The animation is really great in this movie this is what you would expect from a Studio Ghibli film, The movie is enjoyable if watched in both Japanese and English but I would recommend seeing it in Japanese with English subtitles as I found that watching the film in Japanese was the more enjoyable experience.

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