When it came to today’s topic I was actually stuck for ideas, so here’s a post about booze.

Let’s face it, when you reach the magical age 18 the first thing you would do is buy your first drink. Although in this day and age you would have had your first drink way younger than you should’ve been, and if you were lucky enough to look 18 you might have gotten away with buying a few cans of strongbow/piss. Yes I know alcohol can be dangerous and there are crap tons of adverts on TV about the dangers of drinking too much, although to be honest this is how I see it. 

Having alcohol is like having superpowers,

not the kind that makes you fly,

not the kind that can stop trains,

not the kind that makes you invincible (far from it if anything).

The power you would have, is the power of having a good time.

But like one superhero said “With great power, comes great responsibility”, now I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty smart.

So at the end of the day (nighttime) when you’re exhausted from work or college, grab your friends, go to the pub and sip the liquid bread of heaven that is beer (Or cider if you don’t like beer). 

And on that note I will leave you with an image that salutes alcohols rights and wrongs, TO ALCOHOL!



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