Anime Saturday: Afro Samurai Resurrection

Once again we return to the holy matrimony of Feudal Japan and Old School Hip Hop that is Afro Samurai, to those who were waiting for this since I my first review wait no further for here is the review of Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

Resurrection takes place after the series where Afro has slain Justice for the number 1 headband, despite his victory he refuses to wear the number 1 headband even though it’s against the headband rules. Since then he spends his days making wooden figurines resembling the people from his past, until Jinno (Kuma) attacks Afro and bring him to a lady named Sio. Sio as it turns out is Jinno’s sister and she plans to use Afro’s father remains to resurrect him so that she can have her revenge. The thought of his father being revived just to be tortured for Afro’s sins drives him to go forth and find the number 2 headband again so that he can fight Sio who now has the number 1 headband.

The cast of Resurrection include the voice actors of the original series as well as newer voice actors including Lucy Lui as Sio, RZA as a DJ which is fitting as he is the producer as supervisor of the official soundtrack and even Mark Hamill who is well known as the voice of the joker provides a voice for one of the characters. Resurrection actually received 2 Emmy award nominations for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation and Outstanding Animated Program, it won the first nomination but I would’ve given an award for the soundtrack. The animation put into this movie definitely a step up from the series, not only is it smoother and more action packed but there is also more variety with the art to fit the different scenarios.

I loved the series and I equally love the movie, but I would recommend watching the series first. Luckily I got my hands on the complete murder sessions which has the first series and the movie and it was money well spent. Peace out y’all



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