Arcades, the place to get your gaming fix and leave the house once in a while.

Whether it is the old school games like Pacman, the shooting games like House of the Dead or the games that just make you look silly (Dance Dance Revolution), the arcade is bound to have it.

In America most of the arcades have tickets that you can win which can be exchanged for prizes,  of course when it comes to the prizes you would most likely get ripped off by only being able to get a key chain with all those hard earned tickets that came from your pocket money. Just to clarify we actually do have these sort of machines in Britain, but they’re only in places like Cardiff.

Through the arcade you were able to play games before they came out on console, but even if they came out on console it just wouldn’t be the same.

Not only is it an escape from the house (cause your parents tend to encourage that), but it’s a chance to meet up with friends and compete for the honour of a free bag of chips (fries).

Arcade machines actually benefit the game companies as there will be a high amount of income through coins within the machine that would cover the cost of actually making the machine and shipping it to the arcade, everybody win ey?!

Arcades, get your ass out of the house and towards one near you



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