Anime Saturday: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

For those of you just reading this blog back near Halloween I did a review on Vampire Hunter D, so for today I decided to do the sequel to this monster hunting franchise Bloodlust.

Set in the same world filled with monsters who pose a threat to humanity who have already been weakened by nuclear war. Vampires were once a noble families who dominated the world, but all that changed when vampire hunters emerged to slay the nobles to protect humanity and earn cash. One of these hunters is ‘D’, a dhampir who is part human part vampire with a reputation of being one of the deadliest hunters around. In Bloodlust D’s services are required by a father of a missing girl named Charlotte who is said to be abducted by a noble named ‘Baron Meier Link’, but the job becomes more exciting as Charlotte’s brother has hired a group mercenaries known as the Marcus Brothers who also have a reputation of being good at what they do (that’s killing things if you haven’t guessed already). And to top that the Baron has (wait for it) hired mercenaries to protect him and Charlotte whilst they travel to the castle of Chaythe where they plan on……

you know what, I’ll leave you to watch the film to find out the Baron’s purpose.

As you would expect with animes that have been rebooted for the 21st century it has smoother animations and better visuals due to the advancement of technology. If you compared this to the original from 1985 you can definitely see that 15 years can do a lot. In all honesty I actually prefer watching this instead of the original, and the beauty of the film is that you can start with this film and not have to watch the one from 1985. So yeah, check it out.



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