Anime Saturday: Street Fighter Alpha The Movie

Street Fighter, the fighting series that has shaped video games since the arcade days. Now we are looking at the movie based on one of the sequels of this franchise, Street Fighter Alpha.

Street Fighter Alpha takes place sometime after the Street Fighter 2 tournament when yet another World Fighting tournament is held attracting fighters from across the globe. Even though M.Bison and Shadaloo are out of the picture there is still an evil mastermind with a plan to gather data from the best fighters in the world so that he can use it to rule the world under an iron fist, this would be made easier due to Ryu’s struggle to control the Dark Hadou inside him which would consume him and turn him dark like the infamous Akuma.

In the movie we are introduced to the new characters such as Sakura and Dan whilst also seeing the return of Veterans Ryu, Ken and Chun Li. There is also a supporting by the name of Shun who is apparently Ryu’s brother.

Even though this came out in 1999 the animation is does good, yes it cannot compare greatly to the Animes that came in the new millennium but sometimes the animation style brings a charm and likeness to it. The dialogue seemed to be pretty bad in my opinion, it reminds of when I watched skins it was that bad. I just couldn’t find this movie’s good merits, probably because I’m more of a fan of the Street Fighter 2 stories.

Look, I’m not saying not to watch this. But if you never watch it then it doesn’t matter, you’re not missing much.


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