Ghost of Blogs past

Hark do not fear, for I am the ghost of blogs past…. just kidding

DC here to bring you the first of the three blogs for Christmas. You can probably guess how my other two blogs are gonna pan out from my pathetic attempt at the ghosts of Christmas visiting Scrooge. Anyway on with the blog

Summary of 2012

2012 has been quite a year, if the past few years were made into films then this year would be better that 2011 for sure. This year definitely has had it’s highs and lows, lucky for you I’m gonna share the good times with you.


What better way to start 2012 than to go to the where the world’s rich and famous go to have some downtime. This place has everything from the world’s biggest shopping arcade to hotels on artificial islands. To give you an idea on the amount of money in Dubai picture people with Breitling watches and tailored suits driving vintage cars or modern super cars that cost more than houses. Anyway I would say come on over but it’s not exactly cheap to go, sorry 😦

MCM Expo

Basically it’s the British comic con where you can meet your favourite comic artists, actors and writers (providing they aren’t busy). What makes MCM different to San Diego comic con is that it’s on twice a year and you can meet YouTubers Tomska, Bing and friends.

Cardiff Gathering Group (formerly the Asofyetunamedgathering group)

Probably one of the best things I did all year, not only was it a great experience going to the gathering but it also allowed me to become friends with some of the best people you could ever meet. Some of these people you may recognise on YouTube but it’s not the fame that got me to be a part of the group. To anyone from the group reading this I say thanks for making 2012 better than 2011.

The launch of Raggle Fraggle

What is there to say, the beginning of the very blog you’re reading right now. Thank you for your support of the blog throughout the past year.

Coming Thursday Ghost of Blogs Present…..


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