Ghost of Blogs present

Now it is time to look at, well now…

For the ghost of blogs present I decided to look at what there is to do this Christmas, so here is a shortlist:-

Syfy Christmas week

Basically it’s a week of Christmas specials on Syfy (yes it is spelt that way, don’t ruin the holidays grammar Nazis). These include the Christmas special episodes of a town called Eureka in which one of the episodes have the characters turned into cartoons due to some strange science thing, recommended for lovers of Sci-fi (happy now?).

Doctor Who Christmas special

This will most likely become a Christmas for me seeing as I’m Welsh and part of a group that is quite fanatical about the series as most of it is centered around Cardiff. Luckily this Christmas special is available to anyone with BBC 1 so now all you’ll have to do is make sure that Granny doesn’t change the TV to the great escape.

Playing with the Christmas presents

The reason why Christmas is unlike any other, presents for everyone. The joy of giving (and receiving) and look of happiness when you bring joy to the faces of others. In today’s world this is usually Call of Duty: Generic Warfare, otherwise it is a gadget that does something very weird/awesome which would last a few days then be put in a draw to be forgotten about until you have to clean your room in which you play with it instead of getting on with the task at hand. Of course we are grateful for these gifts, thanks to Nazi zombies.

Christmas Dinner

The only thing that can separate you from the presents, the holy trinity of pigs in blanket, stuffed turkey, Christmas pudding and…… the sprouts. A feast fit for kings and heroes from across the land come around and listen to the awful cracker jokes (Christmas cracker).

I am DC and this was blog 2 of 3

Coming soon Ghost of Blogs future….


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