Far Cry Review 3 (PS3, XBOX 360 & PC)

Hello and Happy New Year from Raggle Fraggle. After waiting since Christmas you’re probably eager to know what game I will dive into for your Thursday fix, well believe it or not I am reviewing somewhat of a recent game. To bring you back into the Raggle Fraggle state of mind here is the review of Far Cry 3.


You are Jason Brody, a young man enjoying a sky diving holiday on Rook Island with his group friends. Unfortunately the island turns out to be run by pirates who kidnap Jason and his friends so that they can be sold to the slave market. The pirates are lead by Vaas, one of the most psychotic villains in video game history. One of your brothers Grant helps you escape the prison camp which tragically results in him being shot by Vaas being so psycho he lets you run away while yelling “Run Forest, Run”. After your escape you almost drown in a river until an island inhabitant named Dennis rescues you and helps you to become a warrior of the Rakyat people led by Citra who turns out to be Vaas’s sister.

During your quest to find your friends you will come across strange and twisted characters as well as the fact that Vaas is actually employed by a criminal mastermind named Hoyt who adds to the difficulty when you encounter his Privateers.


Machinima called this game ‘Skyrim with Guns’, although to be honest there is more to this game than just the aspects that Elder Scrolls V had. You could say that there is a resemblance to assassin’s creed when you uncover more map locations by climbing the radio towers. Plus there are some core features that were decent or flawed in Far Cry 2 that have been improved for the sequel. There are plenty of story missions accompanied with side quests and collectibles to keep the game lengthy, plus you can craft syringes, holsters, ammo cases and much more to help you. Overall the gameplay is refined and it has managed to keep me from starting Black Ops 2 until recently.


The visuals do not disapoint one bit, despite that the island’s landscape and nature would prove a massive challenge the graphics stay on top with vivid colour, lush greenery and even flowing water effects. In some sections of the game your character perspective of the environment become something otherworldly due to hallucinogenics or insanity, this is where Far Cry 3 does what others cannot by getting the right blend of euphoria and grit.


Now you would think that they could just slap on a few maps with a few modes on multiplayer and call it a day right? Well never would you have been so wrong. Not only is there a multiplayer that can beat most games in the current market as there is also a cooperative campaign with characters that are reminiscent of those you would find in left 4 dead or Darkness 2. And to put the icing (plus cream and sprinkles) on the cake there is the return of the map editor, hell yes.

Final Verdict

A game with very few flaws, lengthy campaign, decent multiplayer, cool co-op mode and a map editor, well what can be said apart from compliments and praises. One thing is for sure it is officially one of my top 3 games of all time, that’s right you heard it here folks. Highly recommend  you buy this if you didn’t get it during Crimbo, you can get it discounted now which is also a bonus………………………………………………… are you still here? GO AND BUY THIS GAME! Please



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