Animated Saturday: Regular Show


If you were to say to your friends “Hey guys I found this funny ass show on Cartoon Network!”, the response you would most likely get is “Dude everyone knows about Adventure Time, keep up”. But I am saving that review for another time so here is the next best thing, Regular Show.

Regular Show is about two best friends Mordecai and Rigby who work as groundskeepers at a park, although the term ‘work’ is kind of used loosely considering that they get up to hijinks instead of actually working (almost forgot to mention that Mordecai is a bird and Rigby is a Raccoon). Other workers in the park is huge round headed man Pops, Mystical White Yeti Skips, Fat Green thing Muscle Man (yes I know the irony), High Five Ghost who has a hand on top for High Fiving and walking Gumball machine and park manager Benson. There are also support characters Margaret the love interest of Mordecai and Eileen who is a mole (apparently). 

What gives the show material is that the hijinks of Mordecai and Rigby usually result in a weird, over the top situation which in some cases become supernatural. For example in one episode Rigby changes his name to ‘Trash Boat’ after inspiration from a rocker named ‘The Urge’, when people found out about Rigby’s name change he became famous for the wrong reasons which eventually resulted in a future form of the Urge to travel back in time to kill Rigby. Plus the mystical Skips tends to have a wide knowledge in supernatural arts which helps fix the problems caused by Mordecai and Rigby. It’s this random, over the top scenarios along with humour that can relate to adult themes in some cases that makes the show appeal to older and younger viewers. In fact the show actually won an Emmy and has been nominated for Annies and even a BAFTA.

Unfortunately there are no DVDs that aren’t region locked for America so us Brits will be losing out slightly. One day they’ll release region 2 DVDs and I will be a happy boy when that day comes.