Gunman Clive Review (3DS, iPhone, Android)

For this review I managed to get into more games from the 3DS store, and for only £2.00 I managed to get my hands on this side scrolling game Gunman Clive.


In this western style side scroller-shooter you play as Gunman Clive who sets out to rescue a damsel in distress, in order this our hero must overcome bandits, machines and ducks. You heard me right, there are rabbits too. So overall the story won’t win any Oscars anytime soon.


The gameplay is very reminiscent of the old Mega man games or as egoraptor calls it jump and shoot man as all you need to do is move, jump and shoot. Plus there are power ups that you can get to change your gunfire like on Contra.


This game contains 4 boss stages with 2 bosses on the final stage. These bosses pay homage to old school bosses which is what I like, especially the boss below which pays homage to Bionic Commando.


The only extras are that you can play the story as Ms Johnson rescuing Clive or a Duck… being a Duck.


Well what can I say it’s a cheap fun game, so download it now and play it whilst your on the tube….. then miss your stop.



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