A post on achieving

Today’s post will look at achievements (and I’m not talking about the Xbox kind). One reason I wanted to make this post on achieving is because I’m starting to do some achieving of my own in the real world and this makes a major change from what gaming achievements which can be the same thing in a different world. Don’t get me wrong it’s good that there are achievements in the form of Xbox achievements and trophies etc, otherwise gaming would become a bit pointless and  if you managed to defeat the game on the hardest setting you would try and unlock the speech skills needed so your friends would believe you.


Another reason why I wanted to bring up the topic of achieving is because I’ve decided to get involved in LifeScouts. In case you don’t know what life scouts is it’s a scheme that has been promoted by YouTube celebrity Alex Day (nerimon) where you collect badges on things you’ve done, think of it as scouts for older people. I physically have 6 badges and there will be more along the way. Here is an image of the skateboarding badge.

Image of Skateboarding

So if you go to any gatherings of sort and you see people with badges, you will know why. Speaking of gatherings I’m hosting a gathering in Cardiff on the 9th of March, you’ll be able to meet me and my partner in crime Dan ‘Padawan’ Martin along with Youtubers itspeltmaik, MrAux66 and OhitsjustKim. 

Link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/124970607671500/

And that concludes today’s post, now give yourself a pat on the back.

You’ve earned it…..




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