DMC: Devil May Cry (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

DMC: Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 5 or Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry or Dev… you know what I don’t care what people call it this isn’t a Suicune debate this is a review. So let’s get to it


Before I get into the story I have to clarify that this game is a prequel, so despite the box art he will eventually have white hair in the game. Anyway DMC takes place in a modern day city that seems like any other city to the civilian when really it is controlled by the demons who enslave humanity through media, soft drinks, CCTV cameras etc. Dante on the other hand can see through the lines and throughout his young life he is constantly hunted down by the demons and in most occasions is taken to a parallel world called ‘Limbo’, which runs along with the human world but with a demonic twist. After a night out in a club followed by a three player game of bedroom twister with two ladies (if you know what I’m saying) he is confronted by a median named ‘Kat’ who is part of an organisation called ‘the order’, the demon propaganda labels the order as soulless terrorists when really they are fighting against the demons to free mankind. The anonymous themed organisation is led by ‘Vergil’ who turns out to be Dante’s twin brother, the rest of the story consists of Dante finding about him getting to grips with his powers as a nephilim and bringing down the demons who are enslaving mankind until reaching the demon king ‘Mundus’. There is more to the story but I don’t wanna spoil although fans of the series will know what to expect, I’m just sad there isn’t a demon equivalent of Geordie shore that you kill in the most badass way possible.


The gameplay is something that even the haters of the game have to love. Normal attacks are done with Y (triangle)*, jumping is done by A (X)*, fire guns by repeatedly tapping X (square)* and launching enemies (which in the first Devil May Cry was done by Holding R1 whilst moving the stick away then pressing the circle button on the PS2) you just press B (circle)* or you can hold it to launch yourself so you can juggle enemies. Devil Trigger can be activated by press both the sticks down, during this period enemies are suspended in the air and Dante’s attacks become stronger whilst his health regenerates. Pulling off combos is easy to learn and rewarding to master, plus the demon and angel weapons add to the fun by giving you the opportunity to spice up combos to get your style rank Dirty to SSSensational. Along with Demon and Angel weapons there is also a grappling system which can lunge you towards enemies or pull enemies towards you depending on how you want to kill your enemies, this is achieved by holding the left or right trigger then using the button you would use for your guns.

Once more the camera system is way better than previous Devil May Cry games as you have proper control of the camera which was a relief. Unfortunately there is one major ball ache in that you cannot lock on to targets, this became annoying when I tried to use the demon pull to rip off the shield of a flying dude but instead I pulled a grunt closer to me and then the flying demon shot me and I had to build my rank up again.

*PC keys vary


The visuals in this game are pretty awesome in my opinion, this can be expected from the developers Ninja Theory who can make a post apocalyptic world so colourful in their previous game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. For this game they decided to create a clever colour contrast by making the normal world a grey like view of a clouded reality which then transitioned into the colourful and graphic world of Limbo. When Devil Trigger is active the background is turned to gray scale giving a sense of Dante’s demonic power, plus they made a clever reference to the original Dante during Devil Trigger by giving Dante the White hair and Red coat look that he is famously known for.


Devil May Cry has known to have a kick ass soundtrack, this one is no exception. There is the metal soundtrack that fans would enjoy from rock band ‘Combichrist’ whilst incorporating more modern genres like Drum and Bass and Dubstep from electronic artists Noisia who previously worked on Motorstorm: Apocalypse. This direction of music is one that I really enjoy and I would happily buy the soundtrack to this game in a heartbeat.


This game could’ve been perfect but due to certain flaws (mainly the lock on fiasco) and that the playtime is kinda short lived I would not be able to stick this in my Top 5 games of all time, but I still have plenty of love for this game. Now I just have to wait til the new DLC comes out…



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