Video game music: Now & Then

Music, one of the greatest forms of art and entertainment. Music is able to bring back some of our greatest memories from our first love to running through a cave that is pitch black and filled with GODDAMN ZUBATS! Today’s post will be about the video game music of the past and the present and how they define the gameplay experience of generations.

The Past

To start off we gonna go old school, cause we here at Raggle Fraggle love to kick it old school. The reason why video games such as Mega man and Pokemon are iconic is not just because of the adventure that we are being taken on, it’s also about the music that fills the air even if the speakers are tiny and bad quality. It is amazing how despite the limited technology of synthesizers and chip tune software composers were able to create the music that would stand go down in video game history as some of the best. Unfortunately most of the music is lost obscurity as people end to like music when it is new and they forget to appreciate music’s humble roots, this also tends to happen to music outside of video games.

The Present

In the modern era not only are video games more advanced as the music equipment has improved so that there is no limit onto what can be included on a video game soundtrack. Thanks to these advancements gaming experiences can be taken to the next level by incorporating all sorts of instruments and styles, cause what is more breathtaking than climbing a colossal beast whilst and orchestra provides a melody that tugs at your heart strings. In some cases inspiration behind the game’s music comes from the current music genres such as Electro, Dubstep and House. In these situations when done right in games such as Syndicate the new Devil May Cry it can create an experience like no other, to me only this can contend with the old school. Having all this technology available is great but the one thing that 99% of all modern soundtracks lack is the sense of true nostalgia, of course to some people nostalgia is the soundtrack to Tony Hawk’s pro skater but to us nostalgia starts in the 80s.

As a music student I am able to open to all the different melodies that surround my studies and from them I will learn to craft the music that people including myself enjoy. Others may not agree with me but sometimes the best sources for inspiration come from a box in your room with a controller and a cartridge just waiting for you to turn it on. For giving me both the drive to perfect my craft at music as well as comforting relief during the hard times as a musician I say this…

Thank you video games, yours DC


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