DMC: Vergil’s Downfall (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Hello there Fraggle Fans and welcome to another Thursday Game Review, except this one is special as this is the first ever DLC review that Raggle Fraggle has done. The DLC in question is the add-on to the recently reviewed DMC: Devil May Cry called Vergil’s Downfall.


Taking place directly after the events of the main game, Dante’s brother dies from his wounds and is cast into the depths of the underworld. From there he tries to escape but fails to do so without his special amulet, he is then confronted by a hollow version of himself who manipulates him to become more powerful so he can escape the underworld. This story is told through artsy cutscenes which isn’t really necessary but I suppose it was done to save time and focus on the gameplay.


Even though Vergil’s move list has it’s similarities to Dante’s attacking enemies takes more effort. I haven’t played as Vergil on Devil May Cry 3 but I would imagine that they got inspiration from there when programming Vergil. Vergil’s gimmick is that his Devil trigger is in boxes which get decreases when using a special move, my favourite ability is the doppelganger where Vergil summons a clone of himself to fight with him until the gauge is empty. Outside of combat Vergil can grapple onto points by shooting swords which I found slow at first, I’m bullshitting you I still find it slow. I can understand that they intended on making the gameplay reflect the difference between Dante and Vergil but to be honest I find it more fun shooting demons then punching them followed by ninja death stars with a finisher from Dante’s sword than just swordplay with more swordplay.


The music in this DLC is more about drama and suspense, in a way it reminds of Gears of War when you enter the locust stronghold and Gothic choirs are singing with an orchestra adding to the tension of being in a place so unholy. Again this is most likely to provide a contrast to the soundtrack of Dante’s story. It’s a good soundtrack for the situation but yet again I prefer Dante’s soundtrack of Electronic beats and Rock.


Sadly I’m not a big fan of this DLC, but I still think it’s worth buying so that you can see Vergil become the dick that he is known for throughout the series. There are some redeeming factors of this DLC but during gameplay I constantly get the feeling of going back to the original game for Dante’s story, gameplay, attitude, everything pretty much. But what if this is intentional? What if this is a conspiracy? What if…..

Conspiracy Keanu - What if vergil's downfall is bad so that people will play as Dante more?



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