Candy Crush (App) Review

Candy Crush the app anyone seems to talk about these days but is this seemingly tasty treat as good and sweet as every one says or is it a sour mind controlling sweet which has taken control of thousands of poor unfortunate souls? There is only one way which I can spread the truth and that is in the style of a review.


The idea of the game

For those of you who don’t know Candy Crush is a puzzle game and the idea of the game is to get the needed amount of points to pass each stage, you do this by sliding the various candies on the screen to other candies of the same kind this is similar to the bejeweled games.


Later on in the game as well as matching the candies the player will also need to get various ingredients to the bottom of the screen, this brings a tetris feel to the game and with me being a fan of the tetris series I really enjoy this aspect of the game as it provides more challenge and makes the gameplay less repetitive.


Special Candies

While playing through the many stages of the game occasionally the player will come across special candies, special candies are candies which can be a big advantage to the player if matched with other candies of the same shape, colour or just by combining certain candies with special ingredients such as chocolate. Special candies can help in many different ways whether they clear the level of a single colour of candy, clear entire rows or columns, clear candies in a horizontal pattern and so much more


Music and overall look of the game

In my opinion Candy Crush has a really cheerful and Christmas like look to it which makes me wonder when this game actually got made and is it meant to be a Christmas game? As well as looking very cheerful the game provides very soothing music which is nice but at times I find it to be a little too soothing as it often causes me to lose concentration and this often results in me failing the level or maybe thats just an excuse for me sucking at puzzle games.

Final Verdict

I recommend getting Candy Crush because it really is a pretty fantastic game which provides a lot of challenge to the player, so if your a fan big of bejeweled or tetris and you want something new to play I reccomend you download this one and if your not a fan of bejeweled or tetris still try candy crush as you may be suprised. With Candy Crush being the sweet candy I expected I rate candy crush a 9/10 a tasty treat which probaly won’t take long until its available on hand held consoles all over the world.

Candy crush 3D Nintendo?

This blog was written by Dan (Padawan)


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