Animated Saturday: Devil May Cry The Animated Series

After playing the Devil May Cry reboot I’ve been starting to get into the Devil May Cry media, recently I have bought the Devil May Cry HD Collection and the Devil May Cry Animated series and here is the review of the series.

Set in the Devil May Cry universe between the original Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 (chronology is screwed up I know) the series starts out with Dante being hired to escort an orphan girl called Patty Lowell who is actually entitled to inherit the Lowell family fortune. This becomes an issue with his uncle who wants the fortune instead, later on in the first episode he turns out to be a demon and is slain by Dante. Unfortunately the fortune is a scam and Dante has to take care of her whilst also trying to pay off his massive debt. The rest of the series consists of Dante doing jobs to try and clear his debt, taking care of Patty, getting into more debt and eating pizzas and strawberry sundaes. There are also reappearances of Lady a Devil from DMC 3 and Trish from the original Devil May Cry which help add to the series banter and appeal. Overall each of the episodes brings a new scenario to Dante and Co whilst having subtle hints of a growing story that will all come into place in the last episodes. My only problem with the series is that some of the episodes are generally weak but the fans have asked for an animated series so it would be a shame to disappoint them.

Before I wrap this review up here is a fun fact, I actually mentioned this anime before in my High School Of The Dead Review due to the fact that they have been made by the same studio.



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