Devil May Cry (PS2, PS3 & XBOX 360)

In my previous Devil May Cry related review I mentioned a certain HD collection that I got, so you’ll be pleased to know that I will be reviewing each of the games individually starting off with the original. Let’s rock baby!


It all begins in Dante’s famous office named ‘Devil May Cry’ during closing time, when suddenly a mysterious woman comes in and attacks Dante with her motor bike and lightning powers. Dante counteracts this using his Demon powers and his guns Ebony and Ivory along with the Force Edge, a sword that was passed down from the black knight Sparda. It turns out this was a test and the woman (whose name is Trish) warns Dante that the Demon king Mundus is planning to return to the human world to rule once more. And so Dante travels to Mallet (pronounced Mallay) Island to prevent this and to exact revenge for his mother and brother. For an alternative take on this paragraph check out ‘Awesome May Cry’, you get the idea.


The gameplay isn’t something that casual gamers will enjoy, it’s this sort of gameplay that stimulates the true gamers and punishes those who are careless. I find that it helps if you’ve played the reboot first as it is clearly easier to pick up and play although you can learn to get to grips with the controls. Special moves are harder to pull off, for example to launch an enemy you have to hold R1 then hold the control stick behind Dante then press triangle unlike the new DMC where you just press circle. Granted this type of gameplay is new at the time and bear in mind this game was going to be Resident Evil 4 at one point so you can’t complain too much. The one thing that redeems these controls is that when you master them to an extent that you can pull off stylish combos the feeling of being rewarded is so good, it is a feeling that I could only experience when playing games as a child and you wouldn’t get this feeling from modern games.


The soundtrack is composed well combining orchestral choirs and modern synthesizers with electric guitars included to produce a rock sound. All in all this provides some good fighting music, but to me it’s not as good as the new DMC’s soundtrack.


There is a reason why this game is a classic, it’s a game that sorts the men from the boys. It is the birth of one of gaming’s biggest badasses and part of a collection for about £20, well you can’t go wrong with that



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