Devil May Cry 2 (PS2, PS3 & XBOX 360)

Devil May Cry 2, after the success of the first game Capcom knew that they now have an IP that they could be proud of. If only they could say the same for it’s sequel, but it’s Thursday so let’s rock…. baby.


The story centers around Dante and new demon hunter Lucia on a mission to defeat a business man by the name of Arius from using dark magic to break the seal the demon Argosax and achieve ultimate power. This is a decent story but nothing significant happens beyond that, unlike the original where there was much more to discover about the characters and a back story that pulls the player in.


Believe it or not the team behind the original weren’t actually called to make this one, this in turn let’s down the gameplay. The environments themselves lacked depth and the difficulty had been toned down. Plus the bosses don’t seem imposing like they did in the first game due to the lack of pre-fight tension and once again the lower difficulty. There were some little features that slightly redeem the gameplay, like a talisman system where you can change different aspects of devil trigger mode. For example you can set it to focus on healing whilst flying around or become super fast with increased attack power. Plus you can switch guns/projectile weapons with just one button. The actual flow of gameplay is focused more on stylish combat which makes it good for the continuing development of Dante’s character, Lucia’s combat is focused on style too but the supporting characters are never as good as the main hero to be honest.


Not much to really say, it’s an expected improvement from the original with Dante looking more unique than his previous Leon Kennedy with white hair look. Nothing exactly ground breaking.

Final Verdict

This could be a lot worse, at one point I was gonna call it the Castlevania 2 of the series but that would be too harsh. This game should’ve been handled by the original developers in order for it to have been a worthy successor. But don’t worry folks there will be better things to come…



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