DC’s Top 5 Obscure Animals in gaming

Hello again and welcome to my top 5 countdown of obscure animals that feature in video games, cause even the animal kingdom isn’t safe from hipsters.

5. Hoatzin 

I know what you’re thinking, what game is this animal from? Now here’s the beauty of it, the game itself is quite obscure. For you see the game itself is obscure for it is from a game called Megaman X: Corrupted. Corrupted is a game made by some fans in the style of the SNES games, a time when the X series was at it’s best.

The hoatzin itself is a tropical bird found in the amazon regions of South America. They are easily recognisable by their spiky head and their brown coat. They are about the size of a pheasant and their chicks are said to have claws on two parts of their wings, interesting.


4. Electric Catfish

Most people have heard of catfishes, but what about electric ones? Like electric eels these catfish use electricity to stun or kill their pray. Apparently ancient Egyptians used these fish to help treat disease in the nervous system.

The gaming animal that follows this pedigree is of course Volt Catfish from Megaman X3. Even though this boss was mainly based on the common catfish I feel that the electric catfish should be given credit for it, I mean they are basically the same (minus the arms & legs, not to mention one is a robot).

3. Axolotl

We both knew that this would make it on the list somehow, it’s Pokemon dammit. When I first played Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire I was wondering what the hell my Mudkip was based on, turns out it was based off this.

Before I give you some facts on the real animal here is the Pokedex entry from Pokemon Ruby regarding Mudkip.

The fin on MUDKIP’s head acts as highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, this POKéMON can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes.

Similar to it’s real life counterpart, however it fails to mention that this creature can actually regenerate limbs like a starfish or a Time lord. Unfortunately they are currently categorised as critically endangered on the conservation chart, guess most animals just don’t liek them.

2. Ocelot

A shiny penny to anyone who can guess why this one is on the list……

No? Well allow me to inform you.

The name ‘Ocelot’ is actually the code name for the most mysterious antagonist in the Metal Gear franchise Revolver Ocelot. Revolver Ocelot was previously known as Major Ocelot during the events of MGS3, it’s at this point you learn more about him and the creature that inspired his code name.

Ocelots are proud creatures, they prefer to hunt alone

– Major Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Despite the quote making the Ocelot a proud image they tend to hunt for animals smaller than themselves, which means that this animal just misses out on the top spot that goes to…

1. Tanuki

The Tanuki is a raccoon like dog that is native in Japan. Even though it’s obscure to us Westerners, in Japan it is popular among video games and other pop culture including Pocky & Rocky and Animal Crossing. Although this animal has become quite famous when Super Mario Bros 3 first debuted the ‘Tanooki suit’ back in the 90s.

Those of you who are too young to remember or exist back then will surely recall it’s appearance in the more recent Super Mario 3D Land, this appearance also attracted attention from animal activists PETA who made wild allegations that the game promotes the skinning of Tanukis. What they forget is that Mario receives the power up through a leaf, but there is already an entry covering this topic. For being part of our childhoods and pissing off a bunch of clueless activists I award this animal the number one spot.



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