Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

Street Fighter, the franchise that has given birth to many different fighting games that we know today. As well as the memes and the countless remakes of the same game, cause apparently there is no such thing as too many versions of Street Fighter 2. When Street Fighter IV was first released I was tempted to get it but I noticed that they missed out characters from Street Fighter 2 that I loved, luckily Capcom decided to add those characters to the roster when the game goes super (thanks for asking). 


Once again another fighting tournament attracts fighters from all over the world with different goals in mind, some fight for power, some fight for country and some fight cause it’s all they can do. Pretty much the same in any Street Fighter game.


The gameplay is what you would expect from a Street Fighter game or any fighting game for that matter. Keep hitting your opponent till his/her health bar is empty whilst making sure he/she doesn’t do the same to you, that is the bare concept but achieving it is where the fun lies. The best way to achieve victory in Street Fighter involves employing strategy and performing combos, each character has their own set of special moves and combos so learning about them is key to kicking ass.

Here are some features that are important for you to know about if you want to be winning like Charlie Sheen:-

Focus Attacks – Focus attacks can be used to stun an enemy and giving you some breathing time to execute a special move or regain composure.

Super Combo – Super combos are basically upgraded versions of a character’s special move that pack more of a punch. Using these super moves drains some of your super meter which can be refilled by hitting your enemy.

Ultra Combo – This is your character’s signature move that is so powerful that it produces it’s own cinematic cutscene. Each character has two Ultra Combos to choose from before the match begins. The Ultra Combo meter or ‘Revenge meter’ is filled when you take damage from your enemy.

Outside of fighting there are bonus stages involving breaking barrels or destroying a car which are fan favourites throughout the series. Plus there is a  training mode and trials mode which you can use to get to grips with your character and prepare yourself for matches. Speaking of matches you can also go online and challenge players from across the world, but beware as there are strong fighters out there (most of them Asian).

But I’m Shoryuken handle it…


I highly recommend that you get this if you don’t already have any fighting games in your collection, it brings the series to the modern day whilst keeping the traditional aspects that made it a hit during the years that Street Fighter was first conceived.



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