Megaman 9 (PS3, XBOX 360, WII, Wii U)

Poor Megaman, it seems that Capcom doesn’t care about you anymore. It’s a real shame as Megaman is one of their best IPs since the 80s. To raise some awareness and kill some time I’ve thought about playing Megaman 9, here is the lowdown.


The story to this game follows the same formula every other Megaman game does. The year is 20XX and Megaman once again stops Dr Wily for the umpteenth time, everything is okay but inevitably shit hits the fan… again. In this case the creator of Megaman Dr Light is held responsible for the robots going mad even though he is innocent, now it is up to Megaman and the gang to stop whoever is behind this and clear Dr Light’s name.


Once again this game follows the formula all the other games do, and that’s how we want it. In case you are new to the series this involves taking on the eight robot masters of the game, you can choose who you want to fight first and once you defeat him (or her if it’s Splash Woman) you get a weapon that is strong against another robot master. But you have to figure out who is weak against the new weapon although there are some tell tale signs on who to fight next (i.e fire against insects), the key is finding out the ideal order to tackle the robot masters beginning with whoever is the easiest to take out and using his weapon against the next robot master and so on.

The gameplay on the actual levels is simple enough for anyone to pick up, it’s all about jumping and/or shooting. Egoraptor famously refers to this game as ‘Jump n’ shoot man’ because of this and it is actually a good thing as this takes the series back to the old school, when the series dominated home consoles across the globe. The levels themselves take on a theme relating to the boss and they contain traps and puzzles that you must navigate through whilst fighting enemies that are placed in ways to make it challenging for you. The beauty of the level design is that when they add an obstacle for you it’s easy to get through at first, but it gets difficult later on when it adds another obstacle or an enemy with it to make it harder requiring you to stay on your toes. Some of this is mentioned on Egoraptor’s sequelitis video so I recommend you check that out.


In keeping with the old school vibe this game’s soundtrack is created the same way that is was created for the NES during the 80s. It’s these sort of soundtracks that I love due to the fact that they could make a catchy tune that suits the situation with limited technology.


This one of those games that should be in everyone’s collection, you can get it for under £10 on the PSN which will include the game plus more goodies such as endless attack modes and even the chance to play as Protoman. In a sense it’s a fitting tribute to the slowly dying franchise that Capcom refuses to resuscitate.



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