Animated Review – Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future): Return of the Joker


The caped crusader is back, all be it someone different. But hey Bruce Wayne may be old but Batman doesn’t age or die. Even in the future Gotham deserves it’s dark knight.


Set in the futuristic city of Neo-Gotham in 2039 (40 years after the events of the animated series) Bruce Wayne is an old man who has retired from being Batman, but the mantle would later be passed onto High school trouble maker Terry McGinnis who now dons a high tech version of the bat suit. The new Batman went on to fight crime against villains old and new, frequently crossing paths with a gang known as ‘the Jokerz’.

In this movie the Jokerz attempt to steal some communication technology for satellites, only to be stopped by Batman. It turns out that this was an order by none other than the Joker himself who was believed to have been dead for 40 years, he then decides to try again through Wayne enterprises where he announces his return. Now the new Batman must find out what happened to the Joker 40 years ago and defeat him in the future once and for all.


As well as keeping to the Batman of the Future theme the movie brings back the nostalgia of the original series, there is actually a part of the movie that takes place during the time Bruce Wayne was Batman and the Joker was with Harley Quinn which was good to see. There is definitely something for all Batman fans.



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