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Spoilers !!!

Welcome to the Attack on Titan review blogs, in these blogs I plan to give my overall opinion of each episode of the series and I will finalise my opinion of each episode with a rating.

Today was the first time I ever watched Attack on Titan, I wasn’t sure if I would like it due to the animation style of the Titans, but after watching the episode I must admit I really enjoyed it.

The episode first shows a Titan trying to climb over a set of walls which appear to be protecting a town, we then cut to a small action sequence of a bunch of soldiers chasing down a Titan and eventually attempting to kill it. This scene leads to another scene with an old woman crying over the death of her son (The solider who tried to take out the Titan). We later on meet a young boy and what I gather is his sister walking through the town, we learn that the boy wants to be a soldier and his opinion is that everyone in the town are like animals in a cage waiting to be eaten, this is an opinion I most definitely agree with.

The boy may dream of becoming a soldier but his mother is not best pleased and is completely against the idea. the boys father is a doctor but we don’t get too much character development with the father as he sent away to see a patient about half way through the episode.

later on the episode a character is killed off I wont say who or how, but the I actually felt the emotion of the death scene which is really incredible since at this point I have literally only seen 25 minutes of Attack on Titan.

I thought the first episode of Attack on Titan was great, it had wonderful musical score which suited every scene and situation perfectly, the English dub of the Japanese vocals were fantastic, the voice acting really helped me feel the emotions of the characters. Finally the animation is amazing, the animation style keeps changing through out the episode which is an aspect I really like, I do however still think the Titans look kinda silly but in weird way I think they are really awesome looking too.

I rate “To you after 2000 years” a 4/5 my only nitpick is that the scenes kept changing way to frequently and I personally found the episode hard to follow at times. I am really looking forward to more Attack on Titan

I hope you enjoyed this review of Attack on Titan S1 E1

What did you think of the pilot I would love to know. If you respect my opinion I will respect yours

By Padawan


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