Attack on Titan E2 That Day

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

This episode was awesome, it follows the events of the last episode the Titans have now broken into the city and are starting to eat everyone they can find. Any survivors have to make their way to a boat which will take them to a new town where they can live safely from the Titans. Our main character Eren is sick and tired of hiding from the Titans and his emotions caused by his mothers death build up rage within him, Eren want’s to fight back against the Titans and nothing is going to stop him.

Times start to get really tough for the survivors, they are short on food and some how have to survive, I am curious to see how things will turn out.

I have no complaints about this episode it was perfect, this was definitely an emotional episode, you really feel for all of the characters and the troubles they are going through. I love it when anime takes a serious approach like this and so far i’m slowly falling in love with Attack on Titan because of this aspect.

Their was quite a few titans this time they all looked really cool but by far the most awesome was this giant Titan. Who barged into the town gate making the wall fall to pieces, it was really awesome.


This episode was great and the best part is that it was much easier to follow than the first episode, the emotional segments were really well done and everything fell together nicely. Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2 gets the full 5/5

Hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review
what did you think of the episode?
if you respect my opinion I will respect yours
by Padawan


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