Attack on Titan E3 A Dim Light Amid Despair

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Spoilers !!!

So it’s now been one year since the end of the last episode and all three of our heroes have joined the marines, so they can help kill the Titans. We got to meet a couple of new faces this time around, the first person we meet is a girl known as potato girl as she was caught eating a baked potato at the beginning of the episode.

We met some other people in this episode, I loved the drill sergeant he has a proper stereotypical drill sergeant attitude to him, as you might expect he calls everyone maggots and beats the crap out of anyone who disagrees with him or dosen’t follow his orders.

the other Marines were ok but nothing special, I really hope we get to learn more about some of the marines in later episodes

At first marine life is working out great for Erin, he sort of becomes a celebrity figure because he was there during the Titan attack. This also gives him a bit of a cocky attitude which all falls back on him later on during training as he does not perform to a soldier’s standards and his popular status soon disappears leaving him in the same shoes as everyone else.

This was a really fun episode to watch, there was not any Titans this time but some of the wise cracks and comedy in the episode really made up for that. A good episode but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the last two episodes I rate this episode 3.7/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan Review
What did you think of this episode?
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By Padawan


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