Attack on Titan E4 The Night Of The Closing Ceremony

Shorewood Blu-ray OcardSpoilers !!!

Marine training is almost over for Erin and his friends, five years have past and it is almost time for the graduation ceremony. We learn that there are three regiments and every marine is placed in a regiment after graduation.

The Garrison Regiment’s job is to guard the walls of the towns from Titan Attacks, The Scout Regiment’s job is to go head on against the Titans and fight and the MP regiment’s job is to remain law and order under the commands of the King.

A lot of the marines don’t want to fight the Titans and are just there for the luxuries of being a Marine (I gather this is discount in Pubs and shops, free food and housing amongst other things?). Erin gives a speech about how they are wrong and should fight the Titans to help take back what once belonged to them.

Erin’s speech convinces a lot of the MP’s (Highest Rank) to back down and become scout’s.

The Episode ends with the Colossus Titan from before smashing through the town walls leaving him and Erin face to face.

This episode was great , it gave us some new information on both the Titans and the Marines, Their is a scene where Erin and Annie Leonheart are fighting and she says that she learned how to fight from her father, but she didn’t explain much more than that I hope this is explained in a future episode.

I really enjoyed this episode 4/5
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By Padawan


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