Attack on Titan E5 The Struggle on Trost

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard

Spoilers !!!


Episode 5 took me by surprise in many different ways, it continues with Erin Fighting the Colossal Titan but sadly the Titan gets away this time. We really see the emotions and fear that the characters are going through due to this recent Titan attack. As you might expect everyone is really upset and this brings out anger in a few of the Marines.

With another Town destroyed the need to destroy the Titans is now even more of an issue than before, During a flash back to when Erin, Armin and Mikasa are in school, we learn that the Titans are almost invincible and that they can only be killed with a deep strike to the back of the neck and if they are attacked anywhere else on the body it will immediately heal and reform.

A flash back to when Erin and Armin were younger shows them reading a book about the outside world, this scene is actually quite sad because we realise that the civilians of the town don’t know anything about the outside world, they haven’t even heard of the ocean.

When the Marines think all the Titans have left the town they come across a few more Titans that are still there, as you might expect they fight the Titans and a few really awesome action scenes occur.

There are a few more deaths in this episode some civilians and some of the Marines, One death actually had me in tears and in complete shock because it was so unexpected. This may not have been a death but it will be very unlikely if it isn’t due to how graphic it was.

I loved this episode, I think it might even be my favourite so far. I rate this episode 5/5
What did you think of this episode, were you as shocked as I was with the unexpected Death Scene?
I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review
If you respect my opinion, I will respect yours
By Padawan


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