Attack on Titan E6 The World She Saw

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

After Erin got eaten in the last episode, the rest of the Marines are taking care of any remaining Titans. Armin is obviously upset after seeing his best friend from childhood being eaten alive.

There actually isn’t much to say about this episode because not much really happened, some ass-hole wouldn’t move his wagon out of the way of the only exit to the city, blocking everyone from escaping and endangering lives. He stupidly insults Mikasa and as you may expect she gives him a piece of her mind and he moves the wagon.

Speaking of Mikasa we finally found out about her past and her relationship with Erin, I thought they were brother and sister but it turns out that her parents were murdered and a very young Erin saves her from the killers, Doctor Jaeger (Erin’s Father) then tells her she is going to live with his family making her Erin’s adopted Sister but not blood connected.

At the end of the episode Mikasa says “Erin as long as your part of my life I can fight to the bitter end” This either means that she does not yet know that Erin got eaten, or maybe she knows something no one else knows and maybe Erin is safe. I don’t personally think he’s dead, it seems to soon for Erin to die so I’m hoping that he will make a return soon.

Another really emotional episode, the animation was yet again amazing and this episode gave us the Titan who has the really hilarious run.

running titan

I enjoyed this episode but not as much as I have enjoyed some of the other episodes. 3.8/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan Review
Do you think Erin is actually dead?
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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