Attack on Titan E7 The Small Blade

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

What an Awesome episode, the Marines are still fighting the Titans that are left, after all of the Marines regroup Mikasa is wondering where Erin’s Squad is, no one knows so they direct her to a weeping Armin who was the only member of the Squad to return.

Mikasa asks Armin where Erin is and he tells her the tragic news, the weird thing is that Mikasa doesn’t even shed a tear she just gets up and in slight anger tells all of the Marines that they are cowards and that she will do the job herself. This strangely motivational speech gets the remaining Marines back into gear and ready to fight the remaining Titans.

Mikasa is going to fast and runs out of air in her pressurised air cans and falls down into an alleyway and she weeps because she has lost another family. She says that the world is cruel but also beautiful when saying this she thinks about Erin (A possible love interest?).

Mikasa gives up all hope and she is being cornered by multiple Titans when all of a sudden this bad ass turns up and kills the Titans, The Titan has no interest in eating humans and he also knows the Titans weak points. Also is it just me or does this Titan kind of look like Erin?


I loved this episode,it gave us some new information on Mikasa’s love for Erin, great emotions from the Marines and the Titan fights were action filled and awesome 5/5

What do you think of this new Titan?
I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan Review
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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