Attack on Titan E8 Hearing the Heart Beat

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

Titans are still attacking the City and Armin has the genius plan to drive the new friendly Titan towards the Titans that are attacking HQ.

The Marine with them thinks that this is a terrible idea because it might backfire and the Titan may eat the marines that are trapped in HQ, but Mikasa says that its worth a shot because they have not other options at this time.

They manage to direct the Titan towards HQ and to their luck he starts tearing all of the Titans apart and absolutely kicks major ass.

At this point 7 of the Titans have broken into the lower area HQ and Armin comes up with another great plan to send a bunch of Marines down on an elevator and when the Titans get close enough they will shoot them in the eyes to blind them, then seven of the best Marines will swoop down and slice the back of their necks killing them all at once.

Seriously Armin where were all these great ideas before?

Back outside Sadly the new friendly Titan has fallen to the last remaining Titans but before he falls he uses the last of his strength to kill those that are left.

When The Titan dies his body opens up revealing a brain dead or unconscious Erin who now has his arm and leg back, it appears that Erin was the Titan the whole time. The episode ends with Mikasa holding his body and weeping uncontrollably.

Really awesome episode, I cant fault it at all everything from the animation to the voice acting, emotions and music was really good. I also really liked that we now are seeing a usefulness to Armin which is great because I really wanted him to be a more interesting character and now he is, so happy days.

Yet again a fantastic episode 5/5
I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review
if you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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