Attack on Titan E9 Where the Left Arm Went

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

The episode starts by showing a different attack squad fighting Titans in one of the other towns, We don’t know much about any of these Marines yet but it is quite obvious that the Squads Captain is a bit of a bad ass.

Moving on we now see Erin, Mikasa and Armin at being interrogated back at the old training grounds, The Marines are afraid of Erin and waiting to find out if he is either a Human or a Titan. If Erin gives a wrong answer the Marines have permission to shoot all three of them and trust me they are not going to hesitate.

Erin has no Idea what they are talking about, he does not remember being a Titan or even being eaten. He keeps having a vision of the Titan eating him but swallowing him whole leaving Erin alive in the Titans stomach. Erin makes a vow that he will kill every Titan with just his bare hands and then all of a sudden Erin burst out of the Titan and is a Titan himself. He thinks this vision was a dream and it isn’t until he remembers his Dad telling him that he has something in the basement and that he will allow Erin to see what’s there when he is old enough.

There was also a memory of Erin’s dad giving Erin a shot which will make him forgot about what is hidden in the basement. I am very excited to find out what is in there. I have a feeling that Erin might have a have had a mixture if Titan and Human genetics ever since he was a small boy but I might be wrong.

Erin yells that he is Human and even though that was the right thing to say, the Marines still go to shoot the three of them, Mikasa grabs Erin and goes to climb the wall to get away, Erin pulls a way from Mikasa and bites his finger drawing blood, after this he transforms into a Titan but it seems he hasn’t transformed properly yet and is half of a Titan skeleton.


This episode was pretty good, I am very glad that Erin is back and I love that he can transform into a Titan freely, I really enjoyed the Anger and fear from the Marines when they we’re interrogating Erin as it really helped make the whole scene to be a lot more engaging. But apart from that for me personally the episode was actually quite boring and it was not as much fun to watch as some of the others 3.5/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan blog
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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