Attack on Titan E10 Answer

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

All three of our heroes are still stuck behind the wall ready to be shot at by the Marines following the captains orders, luckily Erin was shot in Titan form leaving smoke everywhere this allows the three of them to come up with a plan before the smoke clears.

Erin realises that he cant transform into any Titan that he wants and the reason he was only half a Titan last time is because he only needed to transform so that he could protect Mikasa and Armin from the cannon fire.

Erin now has two plans he could try to transform into something allowing Mikasa and Armin to escape while the Marines focus on killing Erin, his other plan is to get Armin to try and convince the captain that Erin is safe so that they wont get shot, Erin leaves Armin to decide if he wants to go out there and talk or not.

Armin decides to man up and try to convince the Marines not to shoot, Armin at this point gives a really touching speech about how Erin is not a monster and explains that Erin can be used to the Marines advantage as he is able to fight the Titans head on, unlike the Marines who need to use strategy to attack because of their size difference compared to the Titans.

Armin manages to win over some of the Marines but the captain still gives the order for them to fire, luckily Commander Pixis stops him and allows Erin, Mikasa and Armin to explain them selves. At the end of the episode Erin agrees that the first thing he will do to help is to use a boulder to block off the town from Titan attacks temporarily.

Really cool episode, there wasn’t any action in this episode but again we were able to see a side of Armin we haven’t really seen before and because of this im really starting to like him as a character. Forgot to mention this earlier but Erin actually questions where his dad has been in the last 5 years and this is one of the reasons why he also wants to go to the basement. Again absolutely nothing wrong with the episode 5/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan blog
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By Padawan


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