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Spoilers !!!

This episode was a hit and miss for me, there was times that I was really enjoying the episode but there was also times that I was getting kinda bored.

Its time for the crazy plan of getting Erin to move the boulder to hopefully temporarily block off the Titans. Commander Dot Pixis is a little sceptical as to whether this Idea will work but he also realises that at this point this is the only option and so he agrees to go though with the plan.

Dot Pixis may have faith in Erin but the majority of the other Marines are frightened and do not have any hope that the idea will work, some go into nervous breakdowns and some try to run away, after explaining the plan Dot Pixis says that anyone who wants to leave can leave and the rest of them have one job which is to protect the town and most importantly protect Erin.

Armin comes up with the idea of getting the attack team to go to one area to draw the Titans away from Erin leaving him in a safer condition to move the boulder.

Speaking of Erin he is getting fed up of Mikasa trying to protect him all the time and they get into a small argument.

Everything seems to be working fine the signal has been set off and everyone does their part to make sure the plan works, but after turning into the Titan Erin seems to lose control and literally punches Mikasa in the face, God please tell me she’s ok?

This episode was ok I liked when Armin gave some good strategies for the soldiers to use, and I did like some of the emotional conflicts between the characters but apart from this nothing much happened, a lot of the time the characters were just standing around and not really doing much. I feel more could have happened they could have moved the boulder in the beginning of the episode and given us some really cool Titan fights. This episode was not a bad episode, none of them have been bad so far so until next time 3.7/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan blog
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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