Attack on Titan E12 Wound

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

This episode was Fantastic everything was done right.

Erin has had both of his hand sliced by Mikasa in order to try and prevent his out of control and dangerous behaviour, Erin goes down and Mikasa notices that his limbs are not growing back when they should be.

Another problem is that Erin now seems brain dead and is not moving and while all of this is happening Marines are dying in large numbers. One of the Marines tells Commander Pixis that they should call off the plan and just fight the Titans but Commander Pixis says no and that they should stick with the plan.

Armin goes to Erin and tries to snap him out of it, Erin has no idea where he is and he thinks that he is in his house before it got destroyed with his dad,his mum and Mikasa, he hears Armin shouting to him but he cant hear him properly because in his mind Armin is outside while Erin is inside the house.

While all of this is happening in reality the town must now have at least ten Titans and they all look really awesome and as you may imagine loads of awesome action filled fights between the Marines and the Titans occur. The Marines who have survived have almost managed to get the majority of the Titans to one corner of the Town leaving Erin pretty clear from Titan attacks, it looks like the plan is going to fail until Armin reminds Erin about the outside world and this wakes Erin up in a rage and the episode ends.

This episode was great it had plenty of action, loads of fantastic emotional moments best one was when Mikasa was shouting at Erin trying to snap him out of his condition just before she has no choice but to slice his hands. Again Armin has some really great moments in this episode he went straight over to Erin in his time of need with out fear or hesitation knowing that he could be eaten at any moment. Fantastic Episode 5/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan blog
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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