Attack on Titan E13 Primal Desires

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

And now the Final Attack on Titan Review at least until the other episodes are dubbed.

This episode was Fantastic Erin now in a suitable state to finish the job is moving the boulder to the hole in the wall, while he is doing this hundreds of Marines are guiding the Titans away from him as you can imagine a lot of them were sadly caught and eaten.

Erin is struggling to carry the boulder but his memories of his youth with Mikasa and Armin and the thought of being able to one day see the outside of the walls motivates him to finish job.
While he is moving the boulder loads of really cool action scenes occur, along with a pop song? seriously who thought this was a good idea it made the whole scene look really silly because this is the first time a pop song has even played in Attack on Titan, and all it did was remind that I was watching a cartoon.

After the job was done we learn that hundreds of Marines lost their lives so that humanity could finally win one battle against the Titans, the scene where all the Marines are looking for their friends among the bodies is extremely depressing and is directed really well as it is not over the top in any form.

we also learn that Titans cannot digest anything they eat so they regurgitate the humans in balls of bloody vomit (trust me it’s really gross).

We end the episode with Erin chained up in a dungeon being questioned about the key to his dads basement

Final episode for now and it was great, I love every minute of it minus the pop song, but I wont let a pop song ruin the episode for me 4.5/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan Review
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan


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