Attack on Titan E15 Special Operations Squad Eve of the Counterattack, Part 2



Spoilers !!!


The survey corps escort Erin to their remote hide out where they can train him privately and away from others, when Erin arrives we are given a quick introduction to all of the members of Captain Levis attack squadron from this we get to learn about all of these new characters personalities and we are also given each characters assist count and titan kills, the only member of the group we don’t learn about is Captain Levi so I hope his character is explored more deeply in future episodes.

We have not yet seen any training in this episode but we do get to learn some more about Hanji Zoe, one night she mentions to Erin that she has been conducting experiments on captured Titans.

Hanji Zoe talking to Erin

Erin asks about her experiments and what kinds of things she might have discovered about the titans, she then begins a very long and very descriptive monologue about her research of the two titans that were captured during the battle of Trost.

Sonny and Bean Captured

The reasons these two titans were captured and not killed was so that the military could run experiments to learn more about the titan species, from the research it was discovered that titans do not need to drink,eat or breath and we also learned that they work in the same way as solar panels because they will fall asleep a few hours after they cut off from sunlight, another interesting fact is that titans are really light in weight which is very surprising considering the amount of damage just one of them can cause.

Most people would be terrified of the titans but the first thing Hanji Zoe did when they arrived was she tried to communicate with them and even though they both tried to kill her she was still not afraid, she became quite fond of the titans she even gave them names Sonny and Bean.

When Erin asked why she treats them so differently to everyone else she says its because she believes that there is something more to the titans that people are not seeing, she wants to give them a chance before she calls them monsters that just want to kill.

Their conversation is cut short though as one of the squad members informs Erin and Hanji Zoe that Sonny and Bean have been killed by a rouge soldier.

Hanji Zoe mourning over her Titan Children

Hanji Zoe is distraught she is screaming and crying as if she just lost her own children, everyone is confused and trying to figure out who could have done this, the episode ends with commander Erwin asking Erin “What do you think the enemy is” the squad member walks away with Captain Levi and the episode ends.

This episode was awesome, we finally got to see some titans this time and even though they were not fighting we got to see the titans from a more sympathetic outlook and it worked, I was a little sad when I found out that Sonny and Bean were killed, sadness is an emotion this show has sparked a lot within me but I never thought I would feel that way about the creatures that I have been told I should hate and despise.

Fantastic episode 4.5/5

I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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