Attack on Titan E17 Female Titan The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1

Spoilers !!!


The Survey Corps have been trained and now they are out on their first mission, the Survey corps are using colour coordinated smoke signals to send information to Erwin, Erwin will use these signals to help direct his group away from titans who are travelling alone.

Smoke Signal

The plan seems to be going smoothly until a female titan comes running towards the Survey Corps at a high speed, One poor soldier tries to slay the titan by slicing her in the weak spot but she grabs his wires and slams him into the ground immediately killing him.

Not long after and she is chasing Armin and eventually knocks him off of his horse, I honestly thought that Armin was doomed but to my surprise the titan didn’t hurt him she gently lifts his hood and then she runs off, this shows that she is a very smart titan who may be looking for a specific person.

Female Titan lifing Armins HoodReiner and Jean find Armin sat on the ground looking very dazed and confused they return him his horse and they all head towards the female titan, Armin explains that he believes that the titan is a human who has the ability to take the form of a titan just like Erin, he also tells them to cover their heads as the titan wont attack them if she cant see their faces.

They take on the titan and she fights them back in order to keep them away from the back of her neck, during the fight Armin’s hood  is knocked off as he falls to the ground but the titan still leaves him alone and instead she goes after Reiner and Jean, Armin quickly distracts the titan by screaming at her that she is a cold blood murderer who killed his best friend (this is not a true story) this confuses the titan and leaves her open to attack.

Reiner is caught and crushed in the titan hand but surprisingly he survives without much damage to him at all, the titan retreats but this is not all good news because Armin quickly realises that the titan is heading to where Erin is located and that he believes Erin is who the titan is looking for

This episode was amazing, its really cool that Armin got his own episode without Mikasa or Erin, speaking of Armin this new titan looks very similar to him I have a feeling it may be relative (possibly his mother) but this doesn’t explain why the titan may be targeting Erin.

this episode had loads of action, we got some very interesting new plot I cant wait to learn more about this new titan, and Armin really shined in this every time he has a big role in an episode I start to love his character more and more each time


I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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