Attack on Titan E18 Forest of Giant Trees The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2

Spoilers !!!


Armin, Reiner and Jean are in a bit of pickle due to them being stuck in a open field with only one horse between the three of them. They all agree that one should be left behind while the other two will go out and find help, as you may expect Armin nominates himself to stay behind but luckily Krista Lens turns up with two extra horses after she spots their smoke signal.

Krista Lens

The female titan is now a huge threat, three survey corps attack her at the same time each aiming for a different weak spot but the titan jumps making them all fly off of her and crash and she even grabs one and spins him like lasso before throwing him into the ground, another one of the survey corps tries to run away to warn the others but the female titan soon catches up and stops him.


cowgirl titan yeehaw

With just a few survey corps left the plan was a complete failure and Commander Erwin strangely tells the remaining groups to head towards the Forest of Giant Trees, this is very mysterious idea because due to the narrow landscape of the area avoiding titan attacks will be near impossible.

Armin’s group have been told to remain in the trees in order to keep titans from entering the forest.

Titans at the trees


Of course this plan wont work for the female titan who manages to run straight through the forest destroying everything in her path, many try to stop her and those foolish enough to attempt to slay her are killed in the process, after realising that the normal titan slaying tactic wont work on this titan Captain Levi shoots a smoke signal knowing that no one outside of the forest will see it, so what could his plan possibly be?

Another fantastic episode, its quite amazing because everything went wrong with the plan due to the intelligence and great strength of this new titan and to be honest I was little scared for the survey corps and even now that the episode is over I am still nervous but also excited about what’s going to happen next.

I am so happy that Krista Lens played an important role in this episode we have seen her in the series before but only as a background character so its really cool to see her as a more important character in the series.

Again this was amazing I hope the next episode is the same


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