Attack on Titan E19 Bite The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3

Spoilers !!!



We begin the episode where we left off last time, Captain Levi’s group are still running through the forest while getting chased by the female titan, we learn that Captain Levi’s purpose in setting off the smoke signal was simply an act of impulse to confuse or stun the titan, sadly this did not work.

As a last resort Erin attempts to become a titan but is quickly stopped by his comrades who are  telling him that he should trust them, Erin is now stuck between following his conscience and listening to those who are laying down their lives for him.

Cover your ears


We are now taken into a flash back of Erin’s training for the current mission, he is stood in a well and is told that when Hanji Zoe sets off her smoke signal he should bite his finger but as he tries to do this he does not transform, he bites his hands many times during his attempt at transformation but he still has no luck and this time his wounds wont even heal.

Later on during dinner Erin drops his spoon and as he picks it up his right arm transforms into the arm of a titan, his comrades get out their weapons and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t convince them that he is safe.

Erins Titan Arm


Erin manages to free his arm from the titan flesh,later on that night Hanji Zoe shares a new discovery about Erin’s abilities with the survey corps, it turns out that Erin can only transform when he is trying to achieve some kind of a goal, after learning this Erin’s comrades feel really guilty about shouting at him all of them bite their hands as a way of apologising to Erin, this moment teaches all of Captain Levi’s group about the importance of trust.

Back in the present Erin is still contemplating his big decision but he eventually decides to take the word of his comrades and he keeps moving forward, the female titan is getting very close to Erin at this point but luckily she is attacked with hundreds of harpoons and it turns out that the plan was to capture her alive all along in order to find out who is controlling the titan body

Harpooned Titan

This episode was really cool, it did not have too much action but the emotions and the atmosphere was just fantastic, this is the first episode that really expanded on Levi’s character, the way he reacts to the survey corps when they are trying to kill Erin shows a more sympathetic and caring side to the all out bad-ass we have been shown in previous episodes. I thought that the trust scene was brilliant having Erin’s comrades bite their hands to go through the pain that he goes through every time he wants  to transform was really sweet and in a way shows that even though Erin carries titan DNA they are all very similar and will always stick together.

Absolutely Awesome Cant wait until episode 20


I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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