Attack on Titan E20 Erwin Smith The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4

Spoilers !!!


Now that the Female Titan has been captured many of the scouts have come to the conclusion that there is a spy among them,I don’t understand where this conclusion came from because the only time this subject has been touched upon previously was when Sonny and Bean mysteriously died and even if that is the reason that they are talking about this possibility, why are they only discussing this now and not when the previous situation took place?

Erwin Suspects that the spy would have become a Survey Corp around five years ago which is approximately when the destruction of Wall Maria took place in the first episode.

if there is a spy it can mean a number of different things, one they are just killing for sport which is very unlikely, two its matter of revenge against some one or just the soldiers in general or three this spy also has the titan ability just like Erin and they are secretly working with the titans but are also working as a soldier to protect them selves from being caught.

As much as I don’t like that the spy thing has only just been thrown into the mix, it does bring a lot of tension and mystery to the table, who is this mysterious killer and why are they helping the titans?.

Erwin is struggling to figure out how they can release the human from inside of the female titans body, this has become a big issue because she has the ability to form a protective shell over her hands and if soldiers try to cut through the shell their blades are completely destroyed

protective shell

After failing to attack the females titans weak spot Captain Levi starts to taunt the female titan threatening to blow off her limbs,a very foolish decision as this causes the female titan to release a deafening scream, no more than two minutes later and an army of titans come rushing through the forest and they all start to devour the female titans body, a few soldiers try to defeat the titans but after realising that they are outnumbered they retreat failing the mission.

while retreating Erwin explains to Hanji Zoe that he saw the female titan being eaten but he never saw the human inside of the body, not long after this we are shown Erin’s group who have a mysterious guest turn up wearing a Survey Corps Hood the hooded figure appears to kill one of the survey corps and that’s where the episode ends

hooded figure

I’m not sure what to think of this episode I am pleased that they have brought in a new antagonist and I am looking forward to finding out who this person is but apart from that I found the whole episode a little boring and uninteresting, there was a lot going on and the episode transitioned extremely well between the two groups of soldiers (Inside the Forest and Outside the Forest).

Apart from these things nothing much about the episode really got me hooked or made me completely engaged with what was going on and honestly I cant see me watching this one for a second viewing.


I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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