Attack on Titan E23 Smile Assault on Stohess, Part 1

Spoilers !!!



The episode begins with an introduction to the Military Police, we get to see some new characters who all have interesting personalities, we are also able to catch up with Annie Leonhart who is a character that we have not seen in quite a while.

One of the new characters in Annie’s division believes that the Military Police is corrupt, he sees two senior members illegally selling Military Police equipment to a black market and when he questions the two men on this they beat him with the end of their rifles until he can hardly stand up and they are only stopped by Annie who threatens to expose them to the towns people watching the scene they have caused.

annie stopping the superior

It turns out that Annie’s group were heading towards a horse and wagon that is holding Erin inside, their job is to escort Erin and the Survey Corps to what I believe is Erin’s trial, it is at this trial that he will find out whether he will live or die.

During the escort Armin whispers to Annie from within an alley way he is wearing a cloak to cover his body and it is very clear that he is hiding from both the Military Police and the civilians, he asks Annie if she will help himself, Mikasa and Erin out of the city so that they can escape, at first she is against the idea but Armin soon persuades her to change her mind.

armin and annie in alleyway

Annie’s walks Erin, Mikasa and Armin to an outer gate that they can use to exit the city, in order for them to use the gate they all need to go underground for a short while but Annie is very hesitant to do so, she keeps saying that she afraid of the dark and none of them can convince her to follow them Erin starts screaming at her to move begging her to help him survive, this is one of the first times we have seen Erin genuinely this terrified, after a while Mikasa has had enough and tells Annie that she will rip her to shreds just like she did back in the forest.

Annie starts to laugh uncontrollably its honestly very creepy her laughs soon turn into a psychopathic grim and its immediately clear what is going on, a bunch of towns people and Survey Corps tackle Annie to the ground and gag her mouth, but unfortunately the ring on her finger has spike on it, mikasa grabs Arimn and Erin and runs to the city’s exit, the episode ends with an explosion of light and we finally find out that Annie is the female titan which was a very unexpected twist.

The episode started off a little slow and I found difficult to get engaged with what was going on, I really like the new characters especially that one guy who wants to change the Military Police as he reminded me of Erin in the first few episodes of the show, It was really cool to see Erin so afraid of what was going to happen to him as we havent truly seen Erin showing fear at such a high level before although this may have been put on as part of the plan to capture Annie.


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