Attack on Titan E24 Mercy Assault on Stohess, Part 2

Spoilers !!!


The episode begins with a flashback showing the scouts planning the trap they set for Annie in the last episode, it was Armin who figured out it was Annie and he gives his theory as too why Annie is the female titan to Erwin.

Erin is disgusted that Armin and the rest of the scouts have agreed that Annie is the bad guy with no physical evidence and he keeps this denial through out the remainder of the episode.

This denial prevents Erin from transforming into a Titan when Annie has himself, Mikasa and Armin trapped in the tunnel she refused to go into, because Erin wont transform Mikasa questions whether he has feelings for Annie which is a possibility but I have my doubts as too whether this is true.

Erin cant transform in the tunnel

Armin realises that a change of plan is needed and both himself and Mikasa exit through opposite ends of the tunnel hoping that Annie will chase one of them giving the other two time to escape, Erin begs them both to come back but Armin keeps running and Mikasa tells Erin that “the world is cruel” a lesson the he taught her very early into the show, unfortunately this plan did not work because instead of chasing either Mikasa or Armin, Annie stomps through the roof crushing Erin under the debris where he remains for the majority of the episode.

Erin under the debris


Armin finds Erin and tries to get him out of the debris he calls over Jean to help, but one look at Erin and Jean realises that its too late to save him and the only way he could possibly survive is if  he transforms, Armin tells Erin that “To defeat monsters, you have to be willing to throw aside your humanity” Armin distracts Annie in order to keep her away from Erin, Erin thinks about what Armin says and he has flashbacks of all the people he loved and cared for who had been killed by the titans and after he has a flashback of his mother being eaten he finally transforms and the episode ends with his fist making impact with Annie’s cheek.

Erin transformed and ready to fight Annie again


This episode was awesome I really appreciate that we got to see the scouts planning the attack and I also really appreciate that the the episode showed the clues that helped Armin figure out that the female titan was Annie, the animation was absolutely outstanding this time around as it was well detailed and had a very fine use of shadows and shading, the episode was very emotional and as much as I don’t believe that Erin has feelings for Annie I do believe that he has a lot of serious mental health problems such as Anger issues and problems from his past that have left a serious impact on him.

This episode was great cant wait for episode 25


I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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