Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events 1-3 by Lemony Snicket


It’s finally Halloween and I  think this would be a good time to start a series of reviews of one your most requested book series, I  have decided to tackle these books in five separate reviews, four of the reviews will each cover three books in the series and the fifth review will be of the final book in the series, each review will have a brief summary of each book and small section discussing my final thoughts.

*Minor Spoilers*

The Bad Beginning (Book 1)


The Bad Beginning was the first book in the series and it was also the introduction to the Baudelaire orphans and the infamous Count Olaf , the Baudelaire children Violet (The Inventor) ,Klaus (The Bookworm) and Sunny (She likes to bite things) are stood on the beach when they receive terrible news from Mr Poe a banker who is charge of taking care of the Baudelaire family fortune and he becomes their legal guardian after a terrible fire burns down the family home and kills their parents, since Mr Poe doesn’t want to care for the children himself it is his responsibility to find them a new guardian to live with until the eldest child (Violet) turns 18, unfortunately they are placed with their third cousin four times removed Count Olaf, Count Olaf is a horrid man who only wants to look after the children until he can gain access to their fortune and once he has it he plans to have the children killed, while living in his home Olaf forces the children to do all of the chores while he and his theatre group relax and drink wine, he bullies them and even causes child abuse by causing physical harm to the children and by making them all share one bed, thankfully next door lives Justice Strauss a local Judge who is very kind and allows the children to come over and borrow books from her private library whenever they please, the children use this opportunity to borrow law books as well as any other books they can find to help them defeat Count Olaf and not allow him to go through with his master plan that is revealed later on the novel.

The Reptile Room (Book 2)


The Reptile Room is the second book in series, the children live with Mr Poe for a few days while he is seeking out a new guardian for them, he eventually sends them to live with Montgomery Montgomery (Uncle Monty) who is their fathers cousins, wife’s, brother, Dr Montgomery is a herpetologist (study of amphibians) but his biggest fascination is snakes,every year he travels all over the world and collects rare breeds which he brings home to study in his lab,  Uncle Monty plans to take the children to Peru to help look for more snakes but his associate Gustav resigned the day before the trip and he is replaced by another member of the Herpetological Society called Stephano but the children are convinced that Stephano is Count Olaf in disguise.

The Wide Window (Book 3)


In the third book the Baudelaire orphans are sent to Lake Lachrymose to live with Josephine Anwhistle (Aunt Josephine)  who is the the sister of their second cousins wife, Aunt Josephine is a mess, after her husband was eaten by leeches in the lake she has been terrified of everything including the cooker and the house phone, a mysterious stranger called Captain Sham appears in the town, he tells Josephine that he owns his own sail boat company but the children know that hes really Count Olaf in disguise, they try to tell their new guardian that Captain Sham cannot be trusted but Aunt Josephine is more concerned about the grammatical mistakes on his business card, can the children prove that they are right before its too late?

I really enjoyed all of these books, for me they were not scary but they were definitely intense enough for younger readers, Lemony Snicket is really good at writing  suspense and making people afraid of some of the more real horrors that go on in the world, Kidnapping, Murder, Child Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, you would think that something like this would be too dark for children but the books have been written in a way so that these aspects while still there are not too scary, out of the three books my favourite was The Reptile Room as I found that it had the most interesting characters and the entire story kept me engaged and wanting more, my least favourite was the Wide Window I found it a little bit boring but it still had its moments that got me hooked, my biggest and only complaint is that too often Lemony Snicket kept having to explain the meaning of some of the words he used in his book and honestly while I’m sure this was useful for really young readers I don’t think the target audience needs so much guidance in the English language.

All in all these are great books for children and adults, some parents may be put off by the nature of the books but I don’t think they are too dark for anyone over the age of seven, I cant wait to review the rest of the series.

Thank you for reading this review of A series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

Happy Halloween 2016

Have a great Halloween and stay safe, I have seen all of this killer clown nonsense and nothing would upset me more than if one of those idiots hurt any of my readers.

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