Attack on Titan E21 Crushing Blow The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5

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Even after she was recently devoured the female titan is chasing after the special operations squadron, since all other plans to capture the titan have failed the special opts decide to try blinding her by slicing out her eyes on coordinated strikes, they then start using more coordinate strikes to attack her arm muscles so that she cannot move her arms to protect the weak spot.

female titan no eyes

Unfortunately this plan did not work as the female titan concentrates all of her energy into just one eye and it regenerates in under 30 seconds and she soons kills Petra, Eldo and Oluo of Squad Levi.

Erin sees all of this chaos and he soon comes to the realisation that he should have transformed into a Titan much earlier into the mission but he instead put trust into his comrades who are now all dead, Erin realises that he could have saved many lives if he just listened to his conscience and this thought makes him very sad and very angry.

Erin has had enough and he finally returns to Titan form to tackle the female Titan in a battle to the death.

Erin Titan and female titan fighting Both of the titans fight for what can only be hours and they are both very worn out but unfortunately the female titan knocks Erin’s head clean off and then she pulls Erin out of the body and eats him, Mikasa sees this and she is absolutely distraught Mikasa chases after the female titan and she try’s to slash at her unprotected neck but her blades are completely destroyed, this shows that the female titan might be invincible and that is not good news for the soldiers, Mikasa believes that Erin is still alive and she vows to somehow release  him from within the female titans stomach.

This episode was fantastic, we got to see the female titan at her very worst in an awesome titan battle with Erin, we also see the possibility of the female titan being invincible and I find that to be a very terrifying thought, I really liked that the message of this episode was that you should not always listen to your friends or  comrades as they may be wrong, its little messages like this that make me love this show as much as I do.


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