Animated Saturday: The Bravest Warriors

From the great mind Pendleton Ward we have an animation that isn’t Adventure Time (don’t worry that review will come in the future), this is the Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover.

File:500px-Bravest Warriors official designs.png


The Bravest Warriors is set in the future and revolves around 4 heroic teenagers known as the Bravest Warriors. The average day for the bravest warrior would be going round space to save alien races from peril and destruction, but there is time for them to chill in their invisible hideout on Neo Mars. The four warriors (from left to right) are Danny, Chris, Beth and Wallow who each have power animals of a Dog, a Bee, a Cat and a Falcon which help these brave warriors fight the forces of evil wherever it may be. At the invisible hideout there are the two pets ‘Catbug’ and ‘Impossibear’ who are written so well you could write a lot of episodes based on just them.

One of the charms of the Bravest Warriors is that each episode has something new going on, in episode 9 they have to save the aliens of Bunless 9 from 100 years of war and darkness by getting to sentient beings to fall in love whilst they are physically manifested in Chris and Beth’s butt (that’s right their butts).

All new Bravest Warriors episode, “The Bunless”
Be sure to watch the animatics for the episode which is one of the first steps the animators take, when drafting up an episode.
Bravest Warriors airs every Thursday, on Cartoon Hangover

There is also that sense of happiness that you would get from watching Adventure Time, it’s good that Pendleton Ward has managed to capture that essence and put it into his other projects. This is why I actually starting to prefer his work over Matt Groening’s and that is saying something. So if you’re on YouTube trying to find Adventure Time episodes come on over to Cartoon Hangover and watch the Bravest Warriors instead.